Microsoft looking to bring big changes to Windows 10 updates after May 2020 patch fiasco

Microsoft are supposed to be preparing some huge changes to how they rollout Windows 10 updates – which could be music to the ears’ of its a huge number of clients. For quite a while now the Redmond-based tech monster has pushed out two milestone Windows 10 updates every year. In 2020 so far we have seen one of these significant patches dispatch, the Windows 10 May 2020 update.

However, this fix has been plagued with issues, with Windows 10 clients announcing an enormous wrap of issues with the download.

From unintended thump on impacts with Google Chrome, to issues with USB printers to web availability issues and similarity inconveniences.

It has been a rough ride for the Windows 10 May 2020 update, to such an extent that Microsoft wound up delaying the fix’s rollout for countless clients.

In the end a wide scope of issues were fixed with the May 2020 update in August, however not after significant problem for Windows 10 clients around the globe.

Also, in the outcome of this disaster it’s risen that Microsoft could be changing from two major updates every year to only one.

As per a post by Windows 10, Microsoft are hoping to stir up their Windows 10 update plan following the arrival of the fall fix this year.

It had been believed that following this delivery another huge Windows 10 update would show up in the principal half of 2021.

In any case, this delivery has been deferred because of Windows 10X, another version of Windows 10 intended for double screen gadgets, additionally finding support up.

This new form of Windows 10 is presently because of delivery around April or May time one year from now, while the dispatch of Windows 10’s April or May 2021 update has been postponed.

Also, sources have disclosed to Windows Latest that Microsoft may select to change to a solitary, yearly delivery plan for their tentpole Windows 10 updates from one year from now.

Windows Latest stated: “The current one significant, one minor overhaul discharge rhythm isn’t the layout for 2021 and past.

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“This is as yet one-off and Microsoft may not contribute this sort of time – and these assets – making two updates for Windows 10 and one new secluded working framework simultaneously.”

Ideally this supposed new delivery timetable could have large advantages to Windows 10 clients who have become used to patches propelling with a lot of issues.

By going to a yearly delivery plan for their milestone Windows 10 updates, it would give Microsoft more opportunity to deal with the patches and iron out and issues.

Which, in principle, should prompt Windows 10 updates delivered that have far barely any issues accessible at the very first moment.

This all remaining parts to be seen, and we’ll need to hold on to see whether Microsoft winds up changing their Windows 10 fix discharge plan for 2021.

Yet, ideally these most recent gossipy tidbits are an indication of a more promising time to come where Windows 10 dispatches, for example, the May 2020 fix discharge are a relic of days gone by.

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