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In spite of most cell phone makers asserting that their gadgets are made of ever harder stuff, crushed screens stay an immense, and over the top expensive, issue for proprietors. Getting a presentation fixed through an official fix is an expensive business with Apple and Samsung both charging over £200 to patch shows on their most recent telephones.

This issue has been aggravated even as of late with the presentation of remote charging which requires the entire gadget to be shrouded in exceptionally fragile glass.

Presently it appears Samsung may have at last fixed this bad dream with its most recent Note 20 Ultra seeming to adapt much better when dropped than Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Both of these leader gadgets have recently been put through some serious hardship by the group at PhoneBuff and the outcomes show a distinct contrast between the two items.

The Note 20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max confronted various overwhelming tests including being dropped on their screens, corners and back.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point had your telephone get past you, at that point the YouTube video will bring back horrendous bad dreams however Samsung ought to be chuffed to bits with the outcomes.

In spite of the fact that the Note 20 Ultra didn’t endure totally flawless it was not even close as awful as the harm supported to the iPhone – which saw breaks and fragmented glass over the entire front and back glass.

It’s significant that, after the first round of drops, the two gadgets kept on being completely practical with the cameras and screens all working regularly.

Notwithstanding, things went poorly during the last test which saw the telephones hammered into the deck multiple times in succession.

The iPhone pretty much endure this test in spite of the fact that bits of glass started breaking from the back case and camera quit working.

Incredibly, the Note 20 Ultra endure the entire experience with no noteworthy harm. The screen remained split free and everything including the camera and installed unique mark sensor continued functioning as it should.

PhoneBuff likewise noticed how dazzled they were that the harm supported in the primary drop tests didn’t deteriorate during the Ultra’s last barbecuing.

Obviously, this is only one test and we surely wouldn’t suggest tossing your £1,179 Galaxy Note 20 on the floor to perceive how well it endures

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